Customer Feedback

  • "Excellent service as always Walter was quick and efficient."
  • "Matt is unbelievable, not that he talks nonsense, just his knowledge and assistance. I’ve not come across many companies that offer such a good service. He is to be commended."
  • "Once again Dave Jones and Stuart have provided an excellent service."
  • "Thanks for efficient and prompt help. Very practical and helpful! Solved problem immediately."
  • "Fantastic service super quick response."
  • "Great help in configuring the laptop remotely."
  • "Outstanding support! We are greatly satisfied with the service. David support was fantastic and he is very proficient and knowledgeable."
  • "Zak was able to answer by question and create the report very quickly."
  • "Very helpful and polite, quick fix on the issue and the team are very happy."
  • "Resolved problem, extremely quickly. Excellent service."
  • "Hi Vicky just to confirm that we are now complete and MP made the comment that it was a pleasure to deal with such a professional company and on the couple of occasions they have used support, between the training days, the level of service and response is extremely impressive."
  • "Just wanted to shower some praise. I had a support chat session with Matt Rose today. He was able to solve within 10seconds what had caused me headaches for 6 hours. I cannot express how elated I am right now!"
  • "It was a very quick update - so no really interaction was needed"
  • "Thanks - job done - happy with result"
  • QuoteWerks has changed the way we quote forever. We cannot go back to the "old" way. QuoteWerks has allowed us to remove the "black art" that only sales people with twenty years experience could apply.
  • The team at Quintadena have been first class from the initial project outline to the continuing support of QuoteWerks.
  • "Very Good issue identified and solved."
  • "Very efficient and quick thank you."
  • "David as always is polite and efficient"
  • Using QuoteWerks saves me so much time - I couldn't imagine going back to my old system. I can see straight away if we are making the correct margins on a project and can make instant decisions on the telephone if needed, as all the information need is on one screen.
  • "Excellent - Spell check sorted, I'm happy."
  • "He was very patient and understanding - found it very helpful"
  • "Fixed missing quote and found one that i had forgotten - so thank you"
  • "Very helpful and knowledgable"
  • "A pleasure, good customer service once again"
  • "Very good, the problem was solved quickly and efficiently"
  • "Many thanks very helpful"
  • "Working with Matt was a very good experience. I am not the most knowledgeable Quotewerks user and he helped me get my requirements speficied in terms we both understood. I look forward to working with him and the rest of the team on our implementation tomorrow."
  • "Knew what he was doing and made it look very easy. Very positive remote session. Thank you again!"
  • "Matt was extremely helpful, and resolved this in super fast time, thank you"
  • "Sorted issue in a few minutes and confirmed with me it was all accurate"
  • "Brilliant support, carried out all the changes necessary and very polite with dealing with my many requests. Thank you again Matt!"
  • "changes made quickly and to a very high standard."
  • "As always very helpful and fixed issue straight away"
  • "Very helpful. Sorted my problem out very quickly & understood my query."
  • "Excellent representative, very clear instruction."
  • "Fantastic help - thank you"
  • "Very good! and quick."
  • "Friendly and quick to deal with and resolve the issue."
  • "Very helpful as always"
  • "Efficient as always, a great help"
  • "Great as always"
  • "extremely helpful - thank you!"
  • "Very polite and helpful, knowledgeable in the subject area,"
  • "Very quick and efficient solution thank you"
  • "very good, David did everything that we required"
  • "Brilliant as always, very helpful and knowledgable, thank you again Matt"
  • "FAB"
  • "understood what was required and sorted it in less than 5 mins in total :)"
  • "Dave's the best"
  • "Excellent service very happy with the support"
  • "Matt was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product and resolved the issue quickly."
  • "I got what I needed in no time."
  • "Brilliant response from Matt! From the brief description of the issue, he jumped straight into various log files and adjusted various details. Within minutes, had me back on my feet!"
  • "Matt was very helpful and managed to resolve my issue very quickly."
  • "very helpful. thanks."
  • "David was very very helpful thanks so much"
  • "brilliant as ever"
  • "David was very helpful"
  • "Great he got on with it and sorted the problem."
  • "With Quintadena's fantastic support and backup, I've already recommended QuoteWerks to a number of other companies in my industry."
  • "I've been using QuoteWerks with ACT for 4 years; it's helped us increased turnover, profit and efficiency."
  • "We didn"t realise how much it would do for the company. We"re planning on rolling it out to our sister company"
  • "Shame we didn"t speak with you first, it"s clear you know what you"re talking about"
  • "Spot on - couldn't have been better"
  • "Brilliant - a pleasure to work with people who know what they're doing with the products that they are selling"
  • "Once again I'm surprised with how fast it was to get some help !"
  • "Very impressed. Glad someone knows what he's doing :)"
  • "With the pending retirement of my estimator - I looked for a product to make quoting a more straightforward process. I've now got multiple people raising quotes whereas before they had to go through one person."
  • "Quintadena's service from the outset has been outstanding and no request for something new or a change to our Quotewerks installation seems impossible to them. "
  • "We have had hours spent on customising certain layouts or reports and have been highly satisfied with the results. Quotewerks has changed the way we work and has been an complete success for our company - saving us time, preventing mistakes, and making us more efficient. "
  • "David was very helpful yet again"even though he isn"t sales he answered all my questions"thanks we love David!"
  • "Thanks for everything, I appreciate the late nights ;)"
  • "QuoteWerks has been the best adopted software solution in our business for many years"
  • "Very good".

  • "Nothing needs improving just my computer!!!"
  • "Very Professional good job well always you make it look simple. my brain hurts!"
  • "We're now much more professional in our presentation thanks to QuoteWerks and gives us an edge over the competition."
  • "Quoting before QuoteWerks was taking between 45 minutes and an hour on average; we've now got that down to 10 minutes and with no pricing errors!"
  • "Extremely helpful, thank you got connect-it sort! Great"
  • "fantastic as always.
  • "Great as well Good"
  • "The speed of the response. Matt is very knowledgeable and always suggests ways in which we can improve our use of QuoteWerks. Matt is a star as ever."
  • "David was very helpful in dealing with my query promptly and escalating more complex issues right away."
  • "David feels like he knows the answer before I"ve finished giving him the question!"
  • "QuoteWerks, overnight, removed all the pains we had relating to quoting. We just drop the part numbers we want into the system, it gives us all the descriptions and images we need and that's it; job done!"
  • "QuoteWerks has helped us firm up our processes and removed all areas of double entry and copying and pasting that we were doing before. The client experience is exactly the same, but internally it's been a mini revolution."
  • "Always gets it working! Problem sorted, excellent work."
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December 2014
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