“Quintadena did a stellar job as usual. All their work was meticulous and thorough. It’s always a pleasure working with them and I don’t offer that up lightly😊 One stop shop from start to finish!”

Tray BarrettS P Richards

“Talented and a pleasure to work with.”

“First Class Service – many thanks.”


“Spot on – couldn’t have been better.”


“Very polite and helpful, knowledgeable in the subject area.”


“QuoteWerks has changed the way we quote forever. We cannot go back to the “old” way. QuoteWerks has allowed us to remove the “black art” that only sales people with twenty years experience could apply.”


“Using QuoteWerks saves me so much time – I couldn’t imagine going back to my old system. I can see straight away if we are making the correct margins on a project and can make instant decisions on the telephone if needed, as all the information need is on one screen.”


“We’ve been delighted with the impact that QuoteWerks has had on our business: our sales team can raise quotes in less than half the time, the reports are key to our end of month management reporting. We’ve had fantastic service from the team at Quintadena and do often recommend them as our QuoteWerks partner to our clients.”

“QuoteWerks has improved our sales process by reducing the time taken to create customer proposals from 30 minutes to 15 minutes or less. Through the time saved raising customer proposals we have been able to concentrate on our customers and closing sales more effectively.”

“I’ve been using QuoteWerks with ACT for 4 years; it’s helped us increased turnover, profit and efficiency.”


“Quintadena’s service from the outset has been outstanding and no request for something new or a change to our Quotewerks installation seems impossible to them.”


“Quoting before QuoteWerks was taking between 45 minutes and an hour on average; we’ve now got that down to 10 minutes and with no pricing errors!”


“QuoteWerks has helped us firm up our processes and removed all areas of double entry and copying and pasting that we were doing before. The client experience is exactly the same, but internally it’s been a mini revolution.”


“QuoteWerks, overnight, removed all the pains we had relating to quoting. We just drop the part numbers we want into the system, it gives us all the descriptions and images we need and that’s it; job done!”


“The team at Quintadena have been first class from the initial project outline to the continuing support of QuoteWerks.”


“With Quintadena’s fantastic support and backup, I’ve already recommended QuoteWerks to a number of other companies in my industry.”


“We didn’t realise how much it would do for the company. We’re planning on rolling it out to our sister company.”


“Brilliant – a pleasure to work with people who know what they’re doing with the products that they are selling.”


“With the pending retirement of my estimator – I looked for a product to make quoting a more straightforward process.  I’ve now got multiple people raising quotes whereas before they had to go through one person.”


“We have had hours spent on customising certain layouts or reports and have been highly satisfied with the results. Quotewerks has changed the way we work and has been an complete success for our company – saving us time, preventing mistakes, and making us more efficient.”


“David was very helpful yet again even though he isn’t sales he answered all my questions thanks we love David!”


“QuoteWerks has been the best adopted software solution in our business for many years.”


“We’re now much more professional in our presentation thanks to QuoteWerks and gives us an edge over the competition.”


“This is from two sides of the business. Firstly from the Quote point of view, the product is excellent. The time saved producing accurate, presentable quotes has more than paid for the licenses. The feedback from customers on the quality, detail and presentation of the quotes has not had one negative response in almost 4000 quotes. From a support point of view, the quality of the service and resolution time from Quintadena Ltd is second to none.”

Joe Fagan – Procurement Manager, IT Force Ltd