Quintadena modules for QuoteWerks

Over the years, our team have developed a number of extra apps to extend QuoteWerks’ functionality. If you have requirements which don’t seem to be natively covered by QuoteWerks we may already have what you need or can create it for you.

Our available modules include:

Workflow & Validation

This is our most widely-used module, including:

  • Document Validation to ensure details on your documents are sensible and complete
  • Email notifications to keep customers & colleagues up-to-date (without QuoteValet)
  • Agent Commission calculations
  • Automatic Layout Printing at specified points in your sales pipeline

Xero Integration


Our Xero integration enables the creation of Customer Invoices and Supplier Purchase Orders in Xero, directly from within QuoteWerks. Customers and Suppliers are matched to Xero contacts or automatically created on the fly if they don’t exist in Xero. You can also create part invoices and PO’s for situations where you don’t need to order or invoice the whole amount at once, and the system automatically tracks the amount created and outstanding balance within QuoteWerks.

Alternate Currency Pricing

The Quintadena Foreign Currency Pricing for QuoteWerks enables spot (line by line) pricing using foreign currency. Much quicker than adding a foreign buy priced item to the product database (and usable by non-admin users).

Part Order/Invoicing

The Quintadena Part Invoicing for QuoteWerks allows an order to be converted to an invoice in stages, for the times when you dispatch an order in multiple parts with an invoice for each delivery. With easy-to-follow Red/Amber/Green highlighting on Not/Part/Fully invoiced items, and items can be selected individually or in bulk, by percentage or by specific quantities.

Excel Integration

Our Advanced Excel Integration enables you to use an existing spreadsheet pricing tool seamlessly by transferring products or Line Item details from your pre-existing Excel configurator directly into a QuoteWerks document. This is currently in use for configuring products from window blinds to beer mats. We use it ourselves for pricing in-year additions to QuoteValet!

Product Database Export

Exports all native QuoteWerks product catalogues into a single Excel file for ease of updating and manipulation.

QuoteWerks Contact Manager Plus

Contact Manager Plus adds the concept of Company/Contact hierarchy to the QuoteWerks native contact manager. Each company has a single nominated Primary Contact and can have an unlimited number of Secondary Contacts. Any contact can be selected for SoldTo/ShipTo/BillTo (and renamings of these labels in QuoteWerks will be honoured in this application). Where a secondary contact is selected, any fields left blank will use the primary contact’s information. Thus, for typical situations, only the secondary contact’s name and email addresses need to be entered.

Branded Goods

Our Branded Goods module enables you to create multiple quantity breaks of an item to be quoted within a single line item. For example if you want to price 500, 1000, 2000 off without putting each quantity on a separate line you can show prices for each quantity point. When the quote is converted to an order, the customer selects which quantity is to be used on the order. This is not compatible with QuoteValet.


This module allows you to have raw materials set up in your product database and to calculate the cost of building a bespoke item for your customer. For each material, you can choose whether to regard the price

  • as a square metre / square foot price (in which case you enter length and width sizes and a quantity for the line item)
  • as a linear metre / per foot price (in which case you enter length and quantity for the line item).
  • as a per item price (in which case you simply enter the quantity for the line item)

You build your item in the Estimator and transfer it to QuoteWerks as a group. A typical use of the Estimator would be for pricing a job in a sign-writing or large format digital print environment where costs depend upon area to be printed. Units can be entered and calculated in Imperial or Metric (and automatically converted to the desired system if necessary).

Vtiger CRM Integration

Comprehensive integration to allow full interaction with vTiger, either on-premise or Cloud based.

INFOR CRM Integration

Comprehensive integration to allow full interaction with vTiger, either on-premise or Cloud based.

IceCat Integration

This module allows integration with the IceCat product catalogue.