Is your spending out of control?

Are you struggling to make your accounting system’s built-in purchase module do what you need it to do?

Is your Purchase Order process not integrated with your current accounting software?

Perhaps you should consider! is a simple to implement, web based, purchase order control application. It provides a speedy way for staff to raise purchase requests and have them approved from any device. At the same time, finance teams get a real time view of all requests, improving compliance and freeing up time spent managing spreadsheets. purchase order software enables you to take control of your purchasing.

There are five main reasons to consider purchase order software:

1. Effective spend control
2. Excellent workflow management
3. Customisable interface
4. Relevant integrations
5. Available support

Let’s look at each of these reasons in more detail:

1. One of the BEST For spend control.

  • Procurement management – You can choose to use only approved vendors and also have fixed product listings–so orders from incorrect vendors are eliminated.
  • Spend management – Create a PO that’s automatically routed to approvers and approved via email. This will ensure that your team only buys from approved vendors, gets approval on requests and stays within budget.
  • Requisition management – Create requisitions, attach quotes and choose approvers for each requisition. After approval, a PO number is assigned and it becomes a PO. The higher the requested amount, the more senior the approvers. It helps to eliminate mistakes.
  • Budget Control – Set up budgets and departments so approvals cannot exceed budgets. At the point of approval, compare actual spend vs budgeted spend in real time. It helps you to control your budget and never overspend.
  • Expense tracking – Track all your company expenses with an easy PO form and approvals. Custom PO fields lets you report on what’s important to your company. purchase order software is flexible enough to capture all of the information you need.

2. Workflow management. purchase order software has superior workflow management.

  • Customisable, efficient workflow management – Your workflows can be optimized to save your company time, by making purchases get approved quickly.
  • Configurable Workflow – With the click of a few buttons, you can create an efficient workflow in
  • Rule-based workflow – You can set up your workflows to allow for any realistic scenario.
  • Resource allocation – Allocate payments on POs to different branches of your company.
  • Supplier management – You can have fixed or flexible supplier and product listings, ensuring that your entire team is always using the correct supplier.

3. Customisable interface. contorts to your company, not the other way around.

  • Custom fields – You can setup custom fields on the PO and at line item level within your purchase order software.
  • Customisable Branding – Personalize the PO with your company’s logo, look & feel or any other company branding.
  • Input type – You can use drop downs, dates, times, addresses etc. on your PO creation form.

4. Relevant Integrations. purchase order software integrates with many of the most popular accounting, email and PO applications, including:

  • Xero and Quickbooks – Easily connects your purchase order software to your accounting system, allowing you to originate an approved PO from within, using your existing contacts, eliminating double entry and ensuring you can pay and track purchases through your existing accounting system.
  • Manage POs via Email – Receive email notifications when your PO is approved or rejected, send your POs via email and approve or reject a PO request by a team member from within your email. When you reply to your emails, those comments will automatically appear on the PO.
  • Single Sign-On – Using Google authentication you can login to with Google making it faster and simpler to sign in.

5. Available Support. provides quality technical and application support, which is one of the reasons it has become one of the leading purchase order software and procurement apps worldwide.

  • Best Training – You have all the resources you need to get you up and running straight away. You don’t have to worry about not understanding the software.
  • Best hours/personal support – Award-winning online support, including live 24/5 phone support. support all time zones’ business hours. 91% of support requests are responded to in less than 4 minutes.

What next?

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