Case Study:

Synergy Business Mobiles

Synergy Business Mobiles supplies mobile telecommunications to small and medium sized organisations, delivering the following key benefits:

  • Reduction in monthly operating costs.
  • Billing direct from the networks thus avoiding costly PAC code and other hidden charges.
  • High quality ongoing account management to keep costs firmly under control through our regular billing reviews.
  • Tailoring call plans to deliver the lowest monthly costs from the network you choose.
  • Account managers who are long-term salaried staff.
  • Jargon free, clear and sensible advice, focused on our customers’ best interests.

Keith Richards, Managing Director, says, “we were looking for a solution that would provide consistent and accurate quotations across our sales team, and integrate seamlessly with our existing ACT CRM software.

The process by which mobile telephone contracts are calculated and quoted is not a straightforward one. For most obvious example, the cost of hardware which is given free at point of delivery has to be accounted for against earnings from the sale of the airtime which the hardware will use. Documentation is also quite involved, because each quotation needs not only to give the price to the potential customer, but also to provide an avenue whereby we can collect information for credit-checking.

The people from Quintadena were able to adapt QuoteWerks to meet all these documentary and pricing needs, and have been available since inception to guide us through any changes we have needed to make”.