Case Study:

Sketch Studios

The driver for using Quintadena and Quotewerks was to meet Sketch Studios bespoke requirements at reasonable cost. It was important for Sketch Studios to be working with someone who would be flexible in making the system their own and continue to support it.

Sketch Studios have a large number of clients and comprehensive paperwork is vital and makes them more efficient by eliminating duplication and retyping, (eg sign off sheets and delivery notes). Picking lists are particularly useful as well as the easy production of a high volume of purchase orders. We replicated their existing documents in QuoteWerks and added a range of others.

A valuable feature of the system is the use of peer approval of documents so that proper scrutiny takes place prior to critical document distribution. In addition the system allows them to see up to date supplier information which facilitates consistent project pricing. The status of projects is also readily available to all concerned and smoothes the process of managing revisions.

As a member of a Group it was also key to design new documents that were required for Group reporting.

Having completed a successful project implementation one of the key criteria in selecting a supplier was ongoing support and Sketch Studios have not been disappointed and describe our support as “very good” – so thanks to Matt and Paul!