Case Study:

Milling and Baking

This client demonstrates the extent to which we add value to their business using Quotewerks as a base but by writing additional bespoke software to meet their unique needs.

The client required automated processing of sales orders entered over the web by sales reps. We wrote web enabled applications that resulted in automated processing that creates and sends a purchase order to the supplier for delivery to the end customer.

With a high rate of approx. 50 such purchase orders per day our application has enabled 3 sales reps and 0.2FTE admin person to turn over £3M p.a. saving between 1 and 2 people that would otherwise be required. In all the system has 10 users.

QuoteWerks is the centre of the system, but most of the work is done by software we wrote enabling access using hand held devices such as iPads, laptops and mobile ‘phones wherever web access is available. This application is not ‘in the cloud’ since it accesses the client’s servers, however we have a current project that will be shortly.

We were delighted when Paul Hodgetts who managed the project was described as “ talented and a pleasure to work with”.