Case Study:

James Leckey

The client is a leading manufacturer of specialist equipment for severely handicapped children, postural support equipment for children and adults with disabilities and has 20 sales staff distributed across Northern and Republic of Ireland. An understanding of the company’s products and markets was key. They have a direct field sales force and respond to referrals from a range of health professionals in hospitals, clinics and private practice. The actual user is a disabled person who needs the support of a bespoke system designed for them, has a need for a postural support system or item of therapy equipment.The funder is likely to be the health or local authority or sometimes a private institution or individual.

The direct field sales force data is synchronised daily so that up to date quotation and management information are always available. They also have to quote in Euros as well as GBP and therefore required a specialist configuration to handle area and total reporting in both Euros and GBP

This is good example of a complex sales system and process.

They described having a “big win” by using QW – the system enables them to input the order and send acknowledgement and information to the range of people involved (described above) and to arrange for the set up of the equipment to meet the user’s needs on location when it has been delivered. The ability to communicate this quickly and efficiently by email has resulted in time and cost savings for the company, but more importantly, their customers.The whole business process is now streamlined from CRM through Quotewerks to Sage.

The client recognised that this was a complex project to which solutions were always found through an excellent working relationship.

There is no formal quantified ROI but definite benefits such as –

  • All information available
  • Excellent communications to customers
  • Sales force can quote using laptops
  • Simplified product specifications by selecting from 8500 line items
  • Consistent pricing
  • Legibility
  • Vast improvement on previous NCR set paper system with cost of support per annum less that the previous cost of their paper stationery.